Tips for Creating a Website Successfully If You Are Not A Designer

Analyze competitors

Before creating the site, you probably looked at competitors’ resources and wondered what of all this could be right for you. But more detailed will be a detailed analysis of sites from the same segment as yours.

If this is a store, then test whether it is convenient – is it easy to search for the right products, what payment methods are presented, is it possible to order delivery right away? Take a closer look at the technical component of the sites you like, for example, on which CMS they are created. Based on such an analysis, it will be easier for you in the future to decide on the design and key tools for your resource.

The choice of CMS – we rely on the functionality of the site

Decide what type of resource you need – a blog, forum, e-shop, web application, directory, social network or something else. A site can be either simple or multifunctional, that is, include several of the above components at once.