Tips for Creating a Website Successfully If You Are Not A Designer

But it’s better to decide on the full range of functions right away: adding separate components can then become a problem for both you and visitors. Having a ready-made list of site requirements makes it much easier to decide on a CMS.

Of the free platforms, the most popular are WordPress and Joomla. Among commercial CMS, many users prefer 1C-Bitrix.

Use familiar tools

If you have previously tried to create sites, then perhaps there are already tools that you prefer or at least have an idea of   how to work with them. This must be used. You can create a worthy site using any, even the simplest tools, the only question is the amount of effort to achieve the task. For example, an online store can be made based on WordpPress, and a forum based on a generator of static sites.

Do not forget about the additional modules for your site, which will make it more functional. For example, if you have an online store, you can not do without an aggregator of payments. Well, if you want to identify your readers on a blog, then you need an authorization module.

Do-it-yourself layout

Depending on the selected CMS, find the best way for you to create a design or design theme for a future site.

If you can afford to invest a modest amount in creating a website, then try Artisteer or a new product from the same Themler developers .

For a limited budget, you can always find free options. If you are using WordPress as an engine, then start with Make or Unyson . These special themes allow you to create designs directly from the administrative interface.

Do not neglect free templates.

If self-creation of a site theme and layout turned out to be a difficult task, then do not be afraid to turn to free templates. Most of them correspond to all the latest web design trends. You can find both free and commercial templates for Joomla and WordPress on , , .

When working with free templates, do not forget to carefully review all sections of the site and replace the test content and design elements in it with your own. Try not to imitate the sites of competitors, but develop your own style and presentation of the material so that the target audience sees your personality.

Mission Doable – Delegate Challenges

Instruct specialists that are beyond your competence. For example, preparing infographics or illustrations, working with a hosting, website promotion, information security.