Prevent For Killer Web Design

I visited many websites that were difficult to deal with. And you know what my first reaction was? “Following!”

And I look at the following website if they can answer my question here. People do not want to spend their time hunting for things that should be easy.

So, if people came to your website in search of gadgets, then there should be a button “Gadgets”, which is easy to see and recognize. The navigation bar people are accustomed to search on the left side of the website.

 Brilliant nonsense – a straight road to a dead end

You have come across such sites where elephants are dancing or poker chips are running around the screen and asking you to click on them. From them, my head only hurts, and on my computer I look for the button “Let me out of here soon.”

If you are launching a professional site, please do not use blinking graphics. With it, you are guaranteed to scare people away from your site. People came to you for information. Not to click on ads or destroy your brains.

 Links – the highway to your destination

It does not require anything smarter than to verify that all your buttons link to pages and that these pages are correct. No one, including Google, loves broken links. It may be tedious, but do it anyway. If you hover over the button and look in the lower left corner of the screen, you will see which page the hyperlink leads to. Just check their correctness.

 About us – is your card correct?

Usually, before dealing with you, people want to know the main points. Who are you, how to contact you, what are your guarantees for goods or services, will you / resell my e-mail, what is your security policy, when will I receive the goods, etc. You should answer all these questions to create an atmosphere of trust between you and your potential customers.

Sitemap – how do I find my way in this huge city?

A sitemap helps people find what they are looking for quickly and without having to wander, like a lost soul, throughout your site. Maps are not so difficult to make, and for large sites they are very useful. They also help search engines get information about you very quickly.

Fast loading pages – all tracks to the start!

There is nothing worse than slowly loading pages. You can optimize the graphics for your site. People hate waiting. You can check your page load time and page rank on In online business, slow pages mean death.

Shopping basket – you need to buy some souvenirs

I met websites where a list of a million goods was presented, and to order it was necessary to send a letter there. What a nightmare! Yes, you will have to spend money on a shopping basket, but it’s worth it for transaction management. From the large number of shopping baskets available, I would look at those that meet the requirements of your business.

Customer service is the finish line!

Ok, so still, how is website design related to customer service? Well, customer service should be scheduled throughout the site. From tips to free reports, to guarantees, to fast and trustworthy shopping.