10 Benefits of SEO Promotion

This list goes on and on. Just think about how many people on Earth use search every day and how many of your potential customers are among them.

SEO in flat style, success internet searching optimization process illustration concept

Sales increase

It’s obvious that SEO, like any other type of advertising, is aimed at attracting new potential customers and trying to sell them their products or services. Increasing targeted search traffic, you get new customers from month to month and, accordingly, increase your income and customer base. Of course, only if your site meets the needs of customers as much as possible.

I focus on the growth of the client base: on average, 50% -80% of new users from search engines monthly visit our customers’ sites. This gives a constant influx of new customers, some of which become regular customers. While your site is not in the top of search engines, your customers buy from competitors. Maybe it’s time to do something?


Basically, all types of advertising on the Internet are more or less intrusive, whether it is advertising on social networks (facebook, vkontakte, instagram), teaser or banner advertising. At the same time, in SEO, people themselves open search engines and look for what they need in a given period of time. If advertising on social networks imposes its product and “forces” to buy a TV, then in SEO a person is initially interested in buying a TV, and therefore he goes into a search engine and looks for a suitable option.


Those who are “in the know” know that SEO is one of the cheapest and most effective types of advertising on the Internet (we focus on the cost of one attracted client). Unlike advertising on social networks or context, you are not dependent on the budget. Our company has repeatedly worked with projects where there were about 25 thousand organic (SEO) traffic per month, and in just 9 months we increased search traffic to 175 thousand visits per month. Yes, the client pays $ 700 / month for SEO-promotion, but at the same time the price of promotion in the first and ninth month is no different. We are paid for the range of services that make the site more effective, and not for each new visit or search traffic increased due to us.

Market impact

Most companies that occupy the TOP-3 search engine results have a strong influence and influence on the market in their niche and create trends. If you have your own business, then you probably know every competitor in the TOP-3 of Google, constantly analyze their websites, pricing, products and services, and keep track of updates. Most often, just such sites set the pace of development of the niche, and the rest of the players have to follow and accept the terms of the game leaders. For many years, companies involved in website development had a catchphrase.